She-Bee Photography | Florida Wedding + Portrait Photographers


Wedding Day Timeline and Wedding Reception Timeline


12-12:30pm Photographers Arrive & Details (dress, shoes, flowers, jewelry, etc.) 

12:30-1pm Getting Ready Photos 

1-1:15pm First Look Photos

1:15-2pm Bride and Groom Photos 

2-2:30pm Bridal Party Photos 

2:30-3pm Family Photos 

3-3:30pm Hiding Time 

3:30-4pm Ceremony

4-4:15pm Travel to Reception Venue 

4:15-5pm Cocktail Hour 

5-5:05pm Bridal Party Intro

5:05-5:10pm First Dances 

5:15-6:15pm Dinner 

6:15-6:30pm Speeches

6:30-7pm Bouquet Toss, Dollar Dance, etc. 

7-7:15pm Cake Cutting

7:15-8pm Candids of Reception

8-8:30pm Sneak Out Photos

8:45 Photographers Leave