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Commercial Mini-Session

Tallahassee, Fl

One of our favorite clients is back with a mini session in an interesting locale! We met up with Neil at an abandoned home for some interesting shots to show off his newest clothing line additions. The home had a great overgrown look to it, with lots of trees, ivy, and critters almost taking over the structure. I started setting up the equipment while Sherona worked hard not to panic!

We knew this would be an especially short session, just to show off the new merchandise so we were happy to have Neil modeling his looks. He’s always so easy to direct, and he certainly did not disappoint! We got several interesting shots on the dilapidated porch, with Neil seeming at ease near the abandoned home.

We wrapped up the short session with some stylized shots in the middle of the street. I enjoyed how the dark background looked with the clothing, and Sherona was more than relieved to put some distance between her and all the critters who’d taken up in the abandoned home… Sometimes photography is hard! But the shots turned out great, and as always we had a satisfied client. Another day, another session!

50/50 is a unisex fashion and clothing line based on the concept of viewing the world from different perspectives. In the universe around you sometime things aren't as they seem. There's no room for one-dimensional thinking, there's two sides to every story.

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