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Headshot Session

Tallahassee, Fl

One of Shebee’s most fun clients is back again for some more unique headshots! We always love working with Vonzel, and he apparently enjoys working with us for unique locations and creative use of equipment. We know we’ll deliver more of the usual magic!

This session we decided to go with a really dynamic background, with a few different special effects to give the shots plenty of personality. With Vonzel, we could honestly put him in front of a solid black background, and he’d still POP! As usual, we began with a few test shots, adjusting the light and getting everyone comfortable with the camera. Vonzel brought along a young man interested in photography, so we all passed the time discussing several lighting techniques and photography basics. Vonzel also kept us entertained with his trademark facial expressions.


Next up, we added in some cool effects using small smoke bombs to give the photos another layer of character.

The smoke bombs gave a great stage effect to the shots and vonzel gave so much energy! The heavily graffitied background looked great with Vonzel’s colorful outfit choice, and we kept the fun rolling right on to our next spot.

This time, Vonzel took the lead, hopping right into the scene and giving us look after look. The gritty look of this angle gave a nice contrast to the photo. We grabbed several cool shots here and stepped outside!


Vonzel never fails to impress with just how animated he can be! He utilized the space so well, and we even got to throw in some more smoke bombs, bringing that performer feel in to the session.

We grabbed a few more shots in our “gritty” area, utilizing some different techniques with the light to demonstrate to our guests how various light placement can completely change a photo. Then, a quick outfit change for Vonzel and we began the “producer” portion of the session.

Vonzel had desired a two-part session, with his performer side showcased, as well as his more business-minded production side. This time, a simple background of greenery gave us just enough depth in the picture without taking away from the personality of the subject. We set up the lights again, and got some great shots while having a lively discussion of the newest hit movie, “Us”. Sherona had several theories on the meaning of the movie, and Vonzel could not wait to discuss them! We wrapped that day with hugs all around, sessions with Vonzel always feel more like a friends’ chat session rather than a photoshoot. We always love working with him, and can’t wait to deliver the sessions photos. Until next time!

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Ausbee Bryant