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Grad Session

Florida A&M University

We’re back! Coming to leave our stamp on FAMU’s campus once again… One of our favorite clients is graduating and she wants us to make this memory special as well! We met up with Maylore on a cloudy winter morning to shoot some unique grad photos she’d love! We started with Maylore near the usual grad first location, the Eternal Flame. Maylore looked great in a dress the dark green of the school’s colors and some AMAZING shoes! She’d also thought up some interesting shot concepts, and we were excited to give them a go!

We began at the the grad favorite, the Eternal Flame, where we shot a few easy snaps to get the lighting set-up and capture a few smiles as Maylore described her super cool posing ideas. She wanted to make a statement photo, using her graduation shoot to speak about her ideas on liberty. Ausbee took the lead on his interpretation of her vision, positioning Maylore and taking a few starter shots of his look.


We moved on, but agreed to give the idea another go on my suggestion of a different perspective. For now, we headed closer to FAMU’s beautiful fountains to grab some more of the amazing shots Maylore always delivers! I also made sure to get several shots of her amazing shoes… They were just so great I couldn’t help myself!

Shooting in this location on campus is always great because there are so many university elements right near each other that all you have to do is shoot in a different direction and you get a completely different look.

Next, we took on my interpretation of Maylore’s view. A change in perspective made so much difference in the photo, and Maylore LOVED how this shot looked as well. We were so glad we could help capture her vision!


Our next spot was near Tucker Hall, where Maylore spent oh so many hours while earning her degree. We grabbed some awesome shots by the building, commemorating it’s importance to her education. Maylore’s dress looked great near all the foiliage and stood out well on the red brick of the building. As always, she gave us shot after shot of beautiful images to choose from. We’re beginning to think she enjoys making our photo selection as hard as possible!


We finished up this incredibly fun grad shoot in front of another crowd favorite, FAMU’s famous sculpted bushes.

These shots went just as easily as the ones before, Ausbee and I having a laugh about how great the shots already looked, even before we’d done any processing. We greatly enjoyed shooting with Maylore, and wish her the most luck in her future endeavors… Congratulations Maylore!

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