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Commercial Session

Tallahassee, Fl

Another day, another shoot! This bright morning found us in downtown Tallahassee, meeting up with Howard of Constantly Committed. Howard had contacted us for a solo mini-shoot this time, to capture some concept shots for his website. We were ready to deliver!

We’d chosen the top of a parking garage for this edgy session. The blue sky and expansive background looked great as Howard did his usual thing, posing for the shots yet casually ignoring the camera in his way that photographed so great. We gave him little direction as we snapped along, instead enjoying a lively conversation about the aspirations of his business. Then, I had Sherona stay on the garage while i headed down to the street to get some more dramatic angles!


The walk to the street really paid off with the large buildings filling the background really adding to the drama of the shot. Howard gave us a few of his ultra-casual poses, and we got some pretty awesome snaps of the newest addition to his online shop.

We wrapped up the short and simple shoot down on the street, capturing some street-style shots of Howard to complete this session’s look. Howard gave us quite a few laughs as he strolled up and down the street, catching the attention of a kind gentleman who thought he was lost! We got some great simple shots of Howard’s newest addition to his line, while also capturing the drama and edge that he’d requested. Another satisfied client!

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