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Studio Mini-Session

Tallahassee, Fl

Today’s session finds us in Tallahassee working with Neil who desires some concept shots for his online clothing store. Neil is a creative guy, who always knows exactly the look he is going for, and how he wants to get there. Today he’d decided that he wanted a somewhat dark and gritty session, incorporating a television. He’d also brought along a model to showcase his newest garment addition in his store. We were certainly up to the challenge! We got our array of studio items set up, and started snapping for the short session.


Jae was sweet as usual, posing in her edgy hair and cute label clothing. The 50/50 clothing looked great with the bright purple of the hair and dark background.

The lighting for this shoot was very dramatic, emphasizing the bright colors of the pieces.

We finished the short session with a few dynamic photos of Neil himself, also incorporating Jae into the shots. The shots looked great, and we were excited to deliver them to Neil. Another satisfied client!

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