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Headshot Session

Downtown Tallahassee, Fl

Every photoshoot we do is exciting, but shooting with Vonzel was an absolute experience! Vonzel contacted us for some creative head shots to promote his entertainment career. For this shoot we found ourselves in an alley in downtown Tallahassee, a hidden gem of amazing scenery. 

We began with closeups, capturing his huge personality. Vonzel was completely at ease in front of the camera, so not only did he not need much direction but he was absolutely amazing at using his body and the space around him to help us create beautiful pictures that showcased his charm perfectly. His face was so expressive, so every shot seemed to just reach out and grab you! Vonzel was also quite the conversationalist, leading Ausbee and I in a lively discussion of the arts in Tallahassee. He was so great to shoot, making our job so easy as we laughed our way through the session.


A short trek deeper into the alleyway gave us entirely new scenery to work with. Vonzel had come prepared with his own prop, to emphasize his performer persona. We got a few action shots, and Vonzel actually serenaded us with a few beautiful lines of music!


We gathered our equipment and took a short journey from the alleyway to another part of the city for some more cool shots as the sun faded in the sky. For this part, we wanted to try some creative lighting techniques to set the “performance” mood.

Our addition of the red light in the warm summer night photos was the perfect touch to the photo. Vonzel’s posing looked great in the scene, and the background supported the look we were trying to achieve. We continued our lively conversation, with Vonzel telling us of the many different performance arts scenes here in town. We wrapped the session after snapping a few more action photos in the great lighting. Vonzel’s shoot was smooth and easy from the very beginning, and we can’t wait to shoot with him again!

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