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Engagement Session

Cascades Park, Tallahassee, Fl

Love is such a beautiful thing! This time we headed out into the heart of downtown Tallahassee to do one of our favorite sessions, engagement photos! Dyeshera and Ro are a lovely couple who traveled all the way from Georgia to shoot this session with us. We also got some additional fun this time in the adorable form of Londyn, their baby girl. It was a warm evening here in the city, and we were ready to capture some moments!


We started off with some casual posing, to get little miss Londyn used to the camera. She was a feisty little thing, determined to look anywhere but the camera! But we knew we’d get some great shots. Ausbee and I just allowed the 3 of them to have a family moment, and the shot we were looking for came naturally!

This adorable little family had chosen a garnet and gold winter pallet, that looked great with the scenery and definitely fit in here in Tallahassee! We loved how the warm golden light of the sunset enhanced the boldness of the colors.


While Ausbee was shooting the bride and groom-to-be, I was having the conversation of my life about the greenery around us.. Little Londyn was very interested in the trees and leaves of the park, and was very upset when she found out that I could not allow her to snatch leaves from the tree limbs above. The resulting parental soothing made for some great candid shots!

We moved on into some solo shots of Dyeshera and Ro, their playful interactions coming across so adorable on camera!

Ro was quite the jokester, who also enjoyed photography. It was interesting to see how someone who is used to being behind the lense moved now that he was in front of the camera. We tried a few different poses, and got a good laugh in from Ro adding his own quirky twists.

We tried a few creative posing techniques to encourage the two to feel the love in front of the camera, to some pretty entertaining results. Ausbee and I always enjoy throwing in a few curve balls to see the way other couples interact!


We wrapped up the engagement session with a few intimate shots in the fading light of the day. The conveniently located overhead light in the park made a great location for our last few shots. Poor Ro could barely stand the dropping temperatures as the light faded in the sky, which delighted Dyeshera to no end and provided lots of laughter to end the day. Shooting with the two of them was a wonderful experience, and we can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!

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