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Welcome to the She-Bee Moments Captured Blog where we share the behind the scenes stories of all our captured memories. Come take a stroll through our day-to-day photography adventures!


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Video Compilation Session

Tallahassee, Florida

A call with a special request from another FAMU grad-to-be resulted in delivering a previously unrequested form of captured memories and a surprise reunion with a treasured client. Tima was graduating in a few days and wanted to celebrate his big day in a special way by having his own video documentary to memorialize all the excitement of the day. We heard an exciting new opportunity to blow our client away, and were determined to more than deliver!

Arriving on the morning of commencement, we found Tima getting dressed in his best for the occasion. He was clearly happy and excited to start the day! Tima had chosen a purple and black palette for the day, guaranteed to stand out that winter morning. We got several great shots of him dressing and interacting with family.


While shooting Tima getting ready, we got a pleasant surprise in the form of one of our loyal clients Maylore, here to head to graduation as well.

We headed on out the door then, documenting Tima’s morning. Once we got home with all the footage, I worked to cut all of it together while Sherona added in her music expertise. We were glad to deliver something new to a satisfied client.. Congrats Tima on graduating and advancing to the next level in your life, we're super excited for you! Check out our finished video below!

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