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Senior Session

Cascades Park, Tallahassee, Fl

Don’t adjust your computer screen! Lol, but no, seriously you aren’t seeing double. This is Laron and Laroy, seniors at Brooks County High School and 2018 graduates! We met up with them right here in Tallahassee at Cascades Park to start off a unique senior shoot experience. These two guys were absolute characters, keeping us cracking up with their good-natured jokes about each other’s appearance. The fact that their jokes made absolutely no sense because these two are identical didn’t seem to bother them in the least, and made it all the more entertaining for the two of us. Ausbee could hardly hold the camera straight! The sun warmed the background of the cityscape atop the crisp white of the bridge across the park and their beautiful smiles and brightly colored shirts just POPPED on camera.


The brothers were photographing so well that this mini-shoot quickly moved right along to an outfit change and a very different locale. The twins wanted to add a little edge as well as personality to their senior photos and our heavily-graffitied choice exactly fit that bill!

Photographing them separately, their individual personalities began to come out. It was interesting to see how twins interact as a unit as well as one on one. The guys were certainly unique within their own right, intelligent and well-spoken about their plans for the future.

Laron’s strong and quiet presence translated well on camera,

as well as Laroy’s more lighthearted and laid-back nature.

Overall, though the shoot was short, we were able to pack a lot of individuality into every photo. I’m so glad that they were adventurous in their scenery pursuits and were game in trying something different. The payoff is apparent in the vibrant uniqueness of their finished product…. These two guys were great to work with, and congratulations on their achievement!

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